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Ever since my dad introduced me to pork belly at age 3, I’ve always loved anything fatty, fattening and delicious. 

After a few years of carefree eating, I’m seeking to find a balance between my love of food and my health.  It’s not easy since my social life revolves around trying new restaurants. Plus, I work in New York City which is a foodie mecca and my parents love to host family dinners Chinese banquet style.  

Update: I’m currently based in Philadelphia because of work and can’t wait to explore this city’s food scene.

These are my worst habits:

  • I love to go to food festivals. 
  • I will travel for good eats. 
  • The worst, I have midnight cravings for sweets.   

Since I can’t stick to a diet for more than 10 minutes without cheating, joining Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig is a waste of time.  Nevertheless, I’m determined to find a way to eat healthier.  I’m determined to start learning how to cook and make correct food choices.  This website will be my food journal.  I figured if I took pictures of what I eat and what I cook, this will make me pay attention.

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