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Ikinari Steak, NYC


Ikinari Steak, NYC

Ikinari Steak made headlines as a standing while you eat Japanese chain outlet of delicious meats. Apparently that didn’t last, the chain succumbed to US consumers and now provides bar height seats.

The ordering process is a bit meticulous but the staff is helpful. You have to choose your meat and the butcher will cut and weigh it for you. You have a choice of how thick you want your steak. And, there is a minimum order requirement of 7 oz.
Ikinari Steak, NYCThe cutting process after you’ve told your butcher approximately how much meat you want to eat.
Ikinari Steak, NYCThe weighing process determines the price of your meal.

Ikinari Steak, NYCThis is the wild cut version and one of the less expensive offering at approximately $23.
Ikinari Steak, NYCThis is the ribeye at approximately $35.

Ikinari Steak, NYCThe garlic rice on a hot sizzling plate is a treat because not a lot of places offer this. It’s more popular in asian countries. I like the charred smoky taste.

Overall review

I’d recommend this restaurant for a once or twice a year experience because it’s pricey. The japan imported meats are as excepted, like butter and tasty, even the variety cut version which is the least expensive, is delicious. My niece who has basketball practice in the east village area wants to go back with her friends and wants a thicker steak. My nephew who is a picky and slow eater devoured a 10 oz steak within 10 minutes. This is a testament to how good the quality is.


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