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New York Sushi Ko, NYC


Sushi Ko, NYC
The lunch omakase is a very good deal at $50 pp. And, the sushi chef is a Masa and 15 East alum which makes lunch a real bargain.
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Sushi chef John’s place is like a typical Tokyo sushi joint. The place sits roughly 10 people and the owner/sushi chef is the person serving you one sushi at a time. At New York Sushi Ko, there is an extra server who acts as greeter, beverage server and cashier.
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You will notice that sushi chef John has cool ink on his arms and knuckles. I wanted to take a picture of him in action behind the counter. So, after he served me my fourth yummy sushi, I stood up to take a picture. Within a few seconds, I was sternly requested to sit down.
Seriously, as a NYC chef, if you can’t take the celebrity or the attention of people who take food photography. Maybe, NYC is not the place for that chef.
For a few minutes, I pondered whether to pay up and leave or stay and eat in silence. The food won. The sushi is amazing but the rules which you need to follow like put your cell phone in a designated basket is really annoying. It’s like eating with your parents when you’re a toddler. Please, Japanese people don’t have these rules in Tokyo.
I know if I can’t take the rules. I should not eat at New York Sushi Ko. Very well, I will not ever.
Sushi Ko, NYC
Fluke with yuzu zest.
Sushi Ko, NYC
Belly of jack fish.
Sushi Ko, NYC
Sushi Ko, NYC
I don’t remember. I got reprimanded after eating this.

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