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Black Tap, Soho, NYC


Black Tap, NYC
Black Tap milkshakes are the hottest food porn on instagram. You’ll see images of OTT (Over the Top) milkshake towers with every conceivable colorful candy, nuts, chocolate syrup, ice pops and whipped cream. These milkshakes are great for 5 minutes and then all those cute candy attached to the sides will drop off. A hot mess !!
Black Tap, NYC
Is it worth the wait ? You bet !! The crazy milkshakes we ordered were not cheap. It’s $15 a glass with only a few sips of real milkshake. It must be less than 8 sips. The wait in line system is ridiculous. Since the restaurant is just a burger counter and a half plus a downstairs area, the line starts 2 doors down which is roped. Someone will periodically check the line and usher people into the restaurant.
Black Tap, NYC
I’m getting to the is it worth it part. Sometimes, you can promote a worthy cause by ordering a specially designed milkshake for the month like the pink one pictured above for breast cancer awareness. And, these crazy milkshakes are like the best moments in life which happen in a blink of an eye. It’s a hot mess but it makes you crazy happy and filled with joy.

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