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Victoria Freehouse, Philadelphia


Victoria Freehouse, Philadelphia
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Bubbles and Squeak. Queen Victoria logo. Scone with clotted cream and jam. Bar and dining area.
B and I picked this place for Sunday brunch because we know G misses his family in the UK. And, this place is well known for preparing English comfort food well.
G was a no show today because he lost his iPhone on his way home late last night. He decided to re-trace his steps in center city in the hope of finding it.
Nevertheless, B and I enjoyed our traditional English meal. Bubbles and Squeak is the English version of the kitchen sink in the US. B and I should have just shared a plate because the serving was huge. I think it was ok. I would have preferred the potato/vegetable patty to be more crispy on the outside.
The best part was the scone !! It was melt in your mouth. Then, spread clotted cream and jam over the scone. It’s just heavenly !!

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