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Indeblue, Philadelphia


Indeblue, Philadelphia
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Neo-Indian designed chandelier. Basil mint kabob. Richly designed candle holder. Chicken tikka makhani. Mixed flavored naan. Lamb biryani. Vegetable samosa chaat. Barbeque spare rib samosa rolls.
B introduced me to this restaurant on a lazy Sunday. All three of us, G, B and I decided to sleep in and not have brunch. At around 4pm, B got bored and wanted to get a drink in center city. I joined him while G wasn’t up to it. He was glued to the tube watching Egyptian documentaries and trying to read hieroglyphics.
I was surprised how posh this place is, richly decorated walls, neo-Indian designed chandelier and ultra-modern silverware. The restaurant is a wonderful juxtaposition of tradition and the new.
The food was prepared well. The flavors were traditional Indian but heightened. The spice had more heat. The naan bread had more oil making it more moist and chewy. The sauces are more buttery. I would want to visit this place again. Next time, I think with a bigger group because the table for 6 is a beautifully designed round table in front of an intricate wall decor with the chandelier overhead illuminating softly. A place for a great group selfie.
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