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Farmers’ Cabinet, Philadelphia


The Farmers' CabinetCLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Sauteed Duck Hearts. Candle lit signage. Veal Short Ribs. Bread pudding a la mode. Pheasant Chili. Libations menu.

Finally made it to the Farmers’ Cabinet. I’ve been making and cancelling reservations for the past year.

Was it worth the trip ?

I like the atmosphere, candle lit and rustic with a hint of sophistication. The bartenders were friendly and I think I can persuade them to make me a bespoke cocktail. Since I needed to catch a train, I’ll leave that for my next visit.

The food was average, well prepared but nothing delightful. I should have learned my lesson by now. Pheasant = White meat with no fat = Dry.

I’d go for cocktails but skip the food. There are better offerings in town.

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