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Broadway Bites 2014


Broadway Bites had been up as a pop up for a while now. I always peruse the food stalls but never had a chance to sample anything until this past weekend. I had an hour before my train to Long Island so I decided to grab a snack.

My first choice was the Red Hook Lobster Pound. I’ve been craving for a Luke’s Lobster roll for sometime now. Taking a chance on a different vendor won’t hurt. And, I love the cheesy Brooklyn boardwalk signage. The shop is staying true to its roots.

This was a mistake. First off, I didn’t notice that there were different types of lobster rolls. I just told the order/sales person that I wanted a lobster roll. She didn’t even ask me what type. Or, explained to me the different choices. This was a complete FAIL on customer service. Then, when the roll arrived, I wanted to take a photo of it. As I excitedly snapped a picture of the beautiful lobster roll, the order/sales person told me in a rude tone to move aside for the two undecided/still looking around customer behind me waiting in line. Even though the lobster roll was quite delicious to look at, it tasted awful. NEVER AGAIN !!
As I roamed further along towards 34th street, I saw this small stall prepping takoyaki balls. Ka-Ching !! I’ve missed these while living in Philadelphia. I can’t get any decent takoyaki in the city of brotherly love. Takoyaki Balls are like mini-hot dog fritters but instead of a hot dog it’s filled with octopus meat.

Heavenly !! These are best eaten right off the gridle. The bonito flakes and japanese mayo are the best salty-tangy combo against the custard like octopus filled balls.

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