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Yakitori Boy, Philadelphia


Yakitori-Boy-Philadelphia-001CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Yakitori Boy, street view. Age Tofu. Takoyaki (octopus balls) with japanese mayo and bonito flakes on top. Yakitori Boy, interior. Assorted yakitori sticks.
After a trip to a town celebrating Pennsylvania heritage, we stopped at Yakitori Boy for dinner. The choice was narrowed down to this place because I had a groupon. And, my trip companions had never tasted takoyaki (octopus ball) before and I so wanted them to try one of my favorite izakaya dish.
Yakitori Boy’s interior decor was better than I expected, modern with lacquered finished table sets and chic paper lamps. There was a karaoke place on the 2nd floor but we didn’t have time to check that out.
The food was good. The takoyaki was served pipping hot, the way I like it. The yakitori sticks of chicken gizzard, liver and pork belly with a lone stalk of grilled asparagus were tasty. I have an issue with the age tofu, there’s a tad too much cornstarch.
Verdict: It’s not the best izakaya I’ve been to but the food’s ok.
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