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Pod, Philadelphia


Pod, PhiladelphiaCLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Sushi conveyor. Sushi prices based on the color of the plate. Eel and avocado sushi.
I had always known Pod had existed but never was curious enough to trek to University City to sample the cuisine. What piqued my interest was the sushi class being offered this summer which included sushi plates from the conveyor. I quickly made a reservation then had reservation remorse. I went anyway but cancelled the class and had chosen to dined in instead. I figured at $35/person for the class. I’ll convert that spend to real food and blog about the good and the bad.
I was correct. The sushi was awful. The roll wasn’t tight enough and it broke as I dipped it in my wasabi and bonito flake infused soy sauce. If the flavor profile was on point, all would have been forgiven. But, at $6/plate for 2 cuts of eel avocado sushi, this is not ok with me.
I had chosen to sample 3 hot plates. The kobe beef, wuxi spare ribs and the special for the night, chichen karaage. I liked the chicken karaage the best. The dish came with a spicy dipping sauce. The chicken was moist and the spices had just enough kick. The wuxi spare ribs was a really rich dish. I wish there were more veggies with some citrus dressing on the plate to balance it. I think the most overrated dish was the kobe beef. It was cool that it was cooked table side but the beef had no taste at all. I don’t mind paying $17 for 3 slices of flavorful exquisitely marbled beef. However, if it fails to deliver any of the beefy goodness. I’m not a happy diner.
Pod, PhiladelphiaCLOCKWISE FROM TOP: Kobe beef cooked table side. Wuxi spare ribs. Chicken karaage.
Verdict: The only really cool element I find about Pod is the atmosphere. The lighting is neo-Japanese which I like and private dining for groups are in neo-lit pods (in a sci-fi kind of way). The food is not up to par for my taste which makes it expensive because I’m not getting my dinero’s worth. Unless you are craving for sushi and there is no other place you want to be, go to Pod. Otherwise, I suggest you try Morimoto in Center City.
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