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Per Se, Salon



This is a long overdue post of our meal at The Salon @ Per Se. We went there on a whim since we were going to be around the Time Warner Center. I think $120/pp at the Salon is a good intro to Thomas Keller’s food before going all out for the $300/pp dining room menu.

The Blue Doors:

Upon arriving at Per Se, DON’T attempt to open the Blue Doors. They are not the doors. The real doors are the glass panels to the left and right. I attempted to rough handle the door handles in a panic thinking we missed our reservation.

Our Meal:

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Entree: Herb Roasted Elysian Fields Farm’s Lamb with French Laundry Garden Cucumbers, Demi-See Juliette Tomatoes, Charred Eggplant and “Byaldi”. Our choices of white wine and prosecco. The Blue non-Doors. Wine List on the iPad. Thomas Keller’s version of the Floating Island Dessert. Menu. A glimpse of The Salon at Per Se. Coffee and Donut dessert.

Verdict: I wasn’t really wowed by the meal. The portions were small. The service was great. We were given complimentary nibbles and candy. What can I say? It’s an expensive meal which left us still hungry. We went down to Landmarc to get pasta. In total, we spent almost $180/pp on both meals.

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