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Han Dynasty, Philadelphia


Han Dynasty, PhiladelphiaCLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: Chalkboard special. Drink Specials. Dining area. Wonton in Chili Oil. Pork Kidney.
I was jet lagged from taking the red eye from San Francisco so I decided to check out Han Dynasty. Nothing cures like spicy food.
I ordered 2 dishes. I love offal so I gravitated to the pork kidney. And, wonton in chili oil which I thought was going to be ok.
The pork kidney dish was superb. The spice level was medium. I like that there were slices of crunchy bamboo shoots to buffer the heat. I didn’t order rice but the server brought me some. I think they instinctively know a newbie when they see one.
The wonton dish was death by chili oil. I had 2 bites and I can’t take the heat. My tongue went numb for a few minutes.
Verdict: The price points were ok but can lean towards the pricey side for some dishes. If I find myself here again, I will definitely ask for the mild spicy level.
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