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Dishcrawl Event, Philadelphia


I purchased a Dishcrawl event ticket last Wednesday. For $45/pp + ticketing fee, you get to sample dishes from four different restaurants. Each event is focused on one neighborhood. My choice was the Taste of the Square which is Rittenhouse Square. I felt compelled to go because a good dinner with wine at a Rittenhouse Square restaurant will normally be approx $40/pp. Maybe for me, it will be about $60/pp because I tend to order more. Doing the math, this Dishcrawl event was a bargain. And, I was right.

The stops:

1. Rotisseur

rotisseur-philadelphiaThis traditional rotisserie chicken joint extended their menu to include an asian twist, the banh mi. And, the Rotisseur team decided to give us a fusion tasting plate of chicken banh mi, mac and cheese, picked vegetables and corn muffin. The chicken was really moist and tender. I’d go back for the banh mi.

2. C19, Cichetteria Venezia

c19-philadelphiaI was glad I went on this Dishcrawl. Otherwise, I would not have found out about this place. The tasting plate was just delicious, baked meatballs, pizza like what I had tasted in Italy and hummus not made with chickpeas but with Italian fava beans for a smoother texture. I can’t wait to go back to sample more small plates.

3. Seafood Unlimited

seafood-unlimited-philadelphiaThe husband and wife owners are so adorable. Before we started the tasting, they gave us an introduction of how the restaurant came about and how it was part of their courtship. Our tasting plate consisted of a spring roll, Ahi Tuna Lollipop with a sweet spicy dipping sauce and fish taco which were all made from flash fried fresh fish and shrimp. Excellent !!
I didn’t go to the fourth place because it was too hot to walk.

Overall thoughts:

The event was very well curated. I like the restaurant choices. The Dishcrawl ambassador and her team were friendly and full of energy. This service offers diners an opportunity to try a restaurant without spending a lot. And, I spied a couple on a date. If it’s a first date, the guy’s a genius for taking her on this crawl.
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