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Tastykake Inspired Dishes @ Foodspotting Philadelphia


Yesterday was my first foodspotting event since I started using the app.  It was also my first time using a guide.  It took me 15 minutes to find it on my iphone since there’s no search function.  Once I was set up, the guide popped up everytime I needed to spot a dish on the food crawl.  Way cool !!

The food tour was sponsored by Visit Philly and consisted of 3 stops.  The theme for the evening was Tastykake-Inspired Dishes.  For our convenience, Visit Philly had a shuttle on stand by to take us around the different stops on the tour.

Stops on the Food Tour:

1.  Square Burger – The joint was located inside Franklin Square which is a park between Chinatown and the Old City area of Philadelphia.  The cake shake was good.  I can’t wait to come back this summer and pair a freshly made shake with a hot, melt in your mouth burger.

2.  10 Arts – A candlelit spread of tastykakes greeted us as we entered the 10 Arts lounge area.  Once settled, the chef previewed the peanut flavored Tastykake ice cream which will be part of this summer’s dessert offerings at the restaurant.  It’s ok.  The cone was made in house.

3.  Square Peg – The Best – Milkshake with Bourbon !!  I like that it was freshly made.  The bourbon was top shelf.  You could taste the bitterness which mixed well with the sweetness of the apple pie.  To complement the shakes, deviled eggs topped with mustard seeds and strips of crispy bacon, cured in house, were previewed.  These dishes will be part of the late night happy hour at the restaurant starting next week.  Both dishes are a must try !!

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: (1) Franklin Square. (2) Lounge at 10 Arts. (3) Crispy Bacon at Square Peg. (4) Deviled Eggs topped with Mustard Seeds at Square Peg. (5) The foodspotting group at 10 Arts. (6) Meeting Place, Square Burger.
10 Arts (Ritz-Carlton) on Urbanspoon
Square Burger on Urbanspoon
Square Peg on Urbanspoon

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