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Tapas @ Bar Ferdinand, Philadelphia


I had wanted to check out this place for a while. I happened to be at Food Trust’s Night Market last night, realized I was in the neighborhood and stopped in for a drink and some tapas. I had chosen the white sangria. In hind sight, I would have chosen the rosé wine instead. The sangria didn’t have enough depth of flavor. And, most of the diners seemed to be ordering the rosé wine. I should have noticed that when I walked in.
The tapas the bartender recommended were a hit. I got a pincho (skewer) and a caliente (hot). Verdict: Perfect !!
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: (1) Outdoor seating had begun for the summer. (2) Tapas Caliente called GAMBAS AL AJILLO. You must soak the bread in the garlic, chili oil and white wine sauce. Wow, the best !! (3) A bull mosaic. (4) Skewers of pork belly and monkfish called PIXÍN CON PANCETA. This was why I wished I ordered the rosé wine. I think it would be more of a compliment to this dish which is strongly seasoned with rosemary and sea salt.
Photos taken using an iPhone 4.

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