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Smorgasburg @ Tobacco Warehouse 2012



A friend threw a birthday party in Williamsburg yesterday. I was in conundrum for a few weeks because I haven’t been to that part of Brooklyn and I dare not travel by subway. After a few google searches, I found a solution – the East River Ferry. It was pricey at $4 per ride but it was worth it. I discovered that the ferry line has a fabulous app under the name NY Waterway which has schedule information, a map and ticket purchase options. The best thing about this whole deal was that the ferry stops are strategically located, just a few minutes walk to all the best restaurants.

I had a few hours before the party so I decided to make a quick stop at DUMBO’s Tobacco Warehouse, home to Sunday’s Smorgasburg. I love the location.


My picks:


1. Bite Size Kitchen @BiteSizeKitchen

I think this pop up has the best pork belly bao I’ve tasted. The bao was fresh and the pork belly was buttery. What sets this place apart was the pickles in the bao. The pickles gave the rich bao the acid it needed to bring out all the fatty goodness.

2. Lumpia Shack @Lumpiashack

A twist to the filipino favorite fried pork spring roll. Lumpia Shack’s version was thinner but longer. And, you had choices of filling topped with some freshness. My choice was the peking duck lumpia topped with freshly grated ginger.  I wasn’t floored but good job on the ginger. It made me think fried food was healthly.

3. Milk Truck @milktrucknyc

I’ve always wanted to try the grilled cheese sandwich.  While waiting for my grub, I felt the love and care the team put into making the sandwiches just perfectly toasted. I ordered the classic and was suggested to order the caramelized onions and mushrooms for extra flavor. My suggestion, don’t order the extra stuff. The sandwich is perfect the way it is. I closed my adventure at Smorgasburg by downing an iced cold lemonade on a perfectly chilly Sunday.   I know it’s customary to order the milk shake.  I’ll do that next time when I see them at Whole Foods Bowery.

Milk Truck Grilled Cheese (food truck) on Urbanspoon
Photos taken with an iPhone 5.

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