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Dinner @ Russet, Philadelphia

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Russet, PhiladelphiaCLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Russet restaurant front. (2) Thanksgiving display. (3) Bread baset. (4) Menu in candlelight.

Everything about last night was lovely. To start, I love this time of the year when dusk seems to make the lights in the city pop. The weather was perfect, just enough chill in the air to feel toasty in my parka. I was walking along 15th street and said a little prayer. I’m loving Philadelphia.

My Picks:

Seared Foie Gras
maple marshmallow, confit sweet potato, bacon, graham cracker


Russet, Philadelphia

Ravioli Alla Diavolo
tomato broth, stinging nettles, ricotta, kung pao pepper, parmesan frico


Russet, Philadelphia

Confit Duck Leg
braised cabbage, caramelized turnip, foie gras butter


My favorite dish was the ravioli. The kung pao pepper was delightfully unexpected. There was the kick of heat but not the burn. The sauce was fantastic I had to sop up the remaining sauce from my bowl. This is a must try !!

The foie gras was as expected, luxuriously decadent. The graham crackers and bacon were the perfect complements. The graham crackers had a hint of cinnamon which brought out the sweetness while the salt in the bacon heightened all the flavor profiles.

My least favorite was the duck confit leg because it took me a while to figure how to enjoy it. When I was deciding, I was torn between the scallops and the duck but the server suggested the duck because it’s heartier and just perfect for the cold weather. When the duck came, the dish reminded me why I hate eating turnips. The flavor of the turnip was just too strong. And, the cabbage was no ordinary cabbage. It’s sauerkraut, “sour cabbage”. When I was beginning to hate this dish something happened, I eventually got the veggies and duck in one bite. Aha !! All the flavors came together. The strong flavor profiles of the turnip and sauerkrat blended well with the velvety duck meat.


Can’t wait to come back to try the brunch menu !!

Photos taken using an iPhone 5.

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