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Quick Bite @ Federal Donuts, Philadelphia


Federal Donuts is located in a residential neighborhood in Philadelphia. If you don’t live around the area, you need to drive or walk 13 blocks from the nearest SEPTA train stop. On a hot 90 degree Memorial Day, I cabbed it.
I got there at 11:30am and the fancy donuts were already sold out. I wanted to order those famous fried chicken but didn’t realize that chicken orders are not taken before 11:45am. While I waited, I sampled the vanilla lavander hot fried donut.
There is an chicken order system at Federal Donuts. A few minutes before 11:45am, numbered cards are handed out. Each card corresponds to either a half or whole chicken. So, if you want 5 half chickens, you’ll receive 5 cards. By the time it was my turn to get a card, I was already #11.
To my surprise, everyone waiting to order chicken had never been to Federal Donuts before because the girl behind the counter made an announcement since she had already been asked to explain the types of seasonings 3 times. So for the 20 of us fried chicken enthusiasts, we were given the low down on the available dry and glazed seasonings.

Was the fried chicken worth the wait and effort to get there?

– Yeah, otherwise, I would not have tasted the Zatar on deliciously moist chicken. And, the donuts were good too. I ordered an additional half dozen to go.
Tip: Only counter seating of approximately 6 stools are available inside. Opt to take your order to go or check out the red bench outside.
Photos taken using an iPhone 4.
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