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NYCWFF: Tacos & Tequila 2012 hosted by Bobby Flay


Tacos & Tequila is always considered the hottest festival party. It’s always packed and the energy is always through the roof.
If you missed the party, we’ve jotted down some highlights.

Bobby Flay’s on his A game

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012CLOCKWISE FROM LEFT: (1) Bobby Flay posing for a reporters and fans. (2) Greeting fans. (3) Playing at being a DJ. (4) Mesa Grill’s taco offering – Shrimp, Toasted Garlic, Goat Cheese Taco with Thyme and Chile de Arbol Sauce.


NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012Bobby Flay sharing a shot of Tequila Avión with his former Next Food Network Star contestant and mentee, Martita Jara.
NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012(L-R) Sandwich King, Jeff Mauro. Food Network Star, Anne Burrell.

Delicious Discovery – Mexican Bulldog Margarita

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012

Celebrity Chefs whose tacos we liked:

1. Brad Farmerie, Saxon + Parole

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012Tail Taco Avion Tequila spiked watermelon with hibiscus and lime.

2. Lee Anne Wong, co-host of “Unique Eats”,Cooking Channel

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012Miso Braised Mangalitsa pork neck tacos with jicama-ginger slaw and yuzu guacamole.

3. Angelo Sosa, Añejo Tequileria

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012Mexican Veal and Tuna Tornade.

4. Sue Torres, Sueño

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012Bacon Glazed Beet Taco.

Runner-up tacos we liked:

NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Charred Octopus Cheviche Tabo with Rocoto Pepper Lime Emulsion. And, Corn on the cob with lime roasted jalapeno mayo and queso fresco. By Sam Gorenstein, My Ceviche. (2) Ropa Nueva Taco made of Braised Flank Steak, Crispy Spciy Aioli and Pickled Radish. By Luis Bollo, Salinas. (3) Aleppo Pepper and sumac rubbed beef rib eye, thyme and Rosemary taco with minte labne and seasoned salso. By Philippe Massoud and John Shim, ilili Restaurant. (4) Lamb Keema Tacos on Papdi. By Vikas Khanna, Junoon. (5) Mexico Lindo made of Roasted Pork Butt Taquito. By Claudia Bonilla. (6) Chorizo Tacos. By Richard Sandoval, Maya. (7) Ancho Chili Rubbed Heritage Pork Taco. By The Lion.

Borgata Lounge:

At 10pm when you thought the tacos party was over, festival guests found to their delight another lounge which started as soon as the upstairs party was winding down. At the basement of 82 Mercer, Borgata Casino hosted an after party complete with gaming tables.
NYCWFF Tacos & Tequila 2012

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