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Dinner @ Le Castagne, Philadelphia


Le Castagne
CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Philadelphia’s Dish of the Year, Timballo diagnello brasato. (2) Dining Room. (3) Fig Cake a la mode. (4) Floating Island with amaretto. (5) Costola e pancia di cinghiale. (5) Signage on Chestnut Street.


Le Castagne, Philadelphia

Finally got the chance to use my Daily Candy deal, $35 for $75 worth of food and drink. Upon stepping into Le Castagne, I was getting that 70’s steakhouse dark vibe because of those string lights lined against the wood panes. It’s pretty distracting to me since I’m more into clean modern lines. Nevertheless, the food was terrific !!
I was there at 6pm and enjoyed dinner as the crowd trickled in at 7:30pm. They were hugging and air kissing the hostess and servers and were welcomed like they’re family. It’s so Italian.

Photos taken using an iPhone 4.

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