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Late Night @ Krystal’s


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Neon sign beckoning late night strollers to get jiggy as they walked down from the elevated no. 7 train. (2) Pork BBQ – I like their version because they taste like caramelized sugar. (2) Kare-kare, oxtail in peanut sauce, best paired with shrimp paste. (3) Palabok, rice noodles in shrimp sauce topped with pork cracklings. (4) My sis in law ordered this, I think this is Bulalo, beef soup. (5) Lechon kawali, deep fried pork belly, best paired with liver sauce.
After 3 hours of watching my niece perform as Frenchie in a kiddie version of Grease, we were so starved that we mentally checked off restaurants which were still open at 10pm in Queens. We weren’t sure about the restaurants on Austin Street so we dashed off to Krystal’s.
At this hour, a festive crowd of karaoke afficionados had occupied most of the second floor singing popular 80’s tunes. We endured the good and the bad. And, refreshed ourselves with cold young coconut juice while we waited for our artery clogging meal of Filipino food to arrive. The rule is – the more fattening it is, the more delicious it is. And, I love this place because it reminds me of what my babysitters fed me when I was little. Yes, my mom doesn’t cook.
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