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Japanese Food Show 2012


The Japanese Food Show is always a fun event to attend. Wholesalers from within the US and Japan showcase produce and ingredients specific to making these delicacies available to the american public through supermarket chains or direct to consumers at restaurants. There is always a few cooking demos going on as well as food samplings.


At an octopus wholesaler, takoyaki samples were cooked in a special gadget to form the balls.
Japanese Food Show 2012


There were other sake tastings around the venue but this is my favorite.
Japanese Food Show 2012


This noodle manufacturer and distributor had ramen samplings. The broth was exquisite, a mix of bonito and pork, subtle yet full of flavor.
Japanese Food Show 2012

Cooking Demo


Ivan Orkin, Ramen Demo

The american who took ramen preparation for a spin in Tokyo is testing the waters in New York. His ramen sample was reflective of his radical culinary perspective. The ramen noodles were the star of his dish as they absorbed all the flavor of the broth. He then topped the ramen with seaweed to give it a little salty kick.
Japanese Food Show 2012

Junya Miura, Oden

The head chef of Yopparai, a sake bar located in the LES. He prepared a traditional japanese stew. The presentation is simple, served with boiled egg on the side. It’s a mix of fish cakes, daikon and yam.
Disclaimer: I don’t like traditional Japanese, kaiseki type dishes. My review of his dish was not included in this article.
Japanese Food Show 2012

Ingredients used in Japanese Cuisine

Japanese Food Show 2012Fish Roe in different colors. Sushi and Sashimi samplings. Edamame samplings. Cooking utensils for the home cook.
Japanese Food Show 2012Panko for tempura. Japanese Mayonaise. Sushi Rice.

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