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Dinner @ Route 6, Philadelphia


Dinner @ Route 6, Philadelphia
Route 6’s website is deceiving. The photo gallery makes you think that this place is a crab shack on North Broad Street like most of the dive bars around the area with outrageous prices. Since I work and live nearby, I decided to cut out of work early and stopped in for a drink. The restaurant is nothing like what’s on the website. It’s about time that this neighborhood get a high-end casual joint with top notch food.
Dinner @ Route 6, Philadelphia
The best place to sit is at the counter. Please … it’s not because the guys are shucking oysters nearby. was correct. It’s really because of eye candy Anthony DiRienzo doing chef stuff at the helm of the open kitchen. His picture on the internet does not do him justice. He is uber sexy up close. And, the tattoo art on his arm – totally bad boy all the way.

How was my dinner – Fantastic !!

Let me count the ways …


1. Bread Basket and Cocktail

The Oyster crackers with horseradish idea is new. The server brought me a small sauce plate with a jar of oyster crackers and another jar of horseradish. I asked the server how do I eat this? Either fill the cracker or top the cracker with horseradish. I was skeptical because I’ve never had this combo before. Wow !! The oyster crackers which were lightly salted really brought out the freshness of the horseradish. Then, there was the punch. Horseradish Freeze … the best way to relax on a Friday night. My Cocktail for the night was called “The Dennis”. It’s the way I like it – smooth and sweet.
Dinner @ Route 6, Philadelphia

2. Buttermilk Fried Oyster

Excellent – plump, fresh and fried just right.
Dinner @ Route 6, Philadelphia

3. Bluefish

Fish Grilled Over Split Cherry & White Oak with Roasted marble potato salad, bacon and mustard crème fraîche. I liked the potatoes, toasty with a soft buttery center. I didn’t like the fish until later. I was cutting the fish like a steak. Then, I realized the trick to enjoying the fish was in the small bites. The flavors are hidden in between the layers. I purposely didn’t order dessert so I can remember the last taste of freshness.

Dinner @ Route 6, Philadelphia
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