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Dinner @ Northern Manor, Flushing


Northern Manor is one of the best Chinese restaurants in New York. There is no ambience to speak of but the food is first rate. It’s our family’s go to place for chinese banquet dinners. If you’re spending $800 per table for 12 people, the grub better be good.
Banquet dinners are reserved for special ocassions like birthdays, anniversaries or the holidays. But, my family eats this way a lot. Now that my nieces and nephews are developing more sophisticated palates, we need to order two peking ducks instead of one.

What my mom orders:


Lobster Salad


Peking Duck


Bean Curd with Conch


Beef Cubes with Asparagus


Minced Chicken in Lettuce Cups with Hoisin Sauce


Fish Cubes Stir Fried with Vegetables


Crab Deep Fried in Garlic


Yang Chow Fried Rice


Fried Chicken


E Fu Noodles



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