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Dinner @ Fogo de Chao, Philadelphia


I’ve been travelling for work lately and have nothing in my fridge. And, I’m tired of eating take out so I hopped on the shuttle and headed to Center City for Restaurant Week. My choice tonight was Fogo de Chao. It’s the all you can eat Brazilian Steakhouse on Chestnut Street. It’s popular with families because of the variety of the selection and the price.
For Restaurant Week, the price drops to $35/pp from $50/pp. The rules of the all you can eat part slightly changes. You still get the unlimited salad bar and meats (15 varieties). However, you can only get 1 dessert. I still think it’s a bargain !!

(1) Main dining area where the salad bar is located will be your first stop. (2) The “No, Thanks !!” token is the first thing the servers teach you. While you are on your salad bar phase, the token needs to be on the red side. Otherwise, the meat servers will be constantly asking you if you want any cuts. (3) I like my meats medium rare. (4) Unlimited sides of caramelized bananas, crispy polenta and garlic potatoes. (5) The meat servers will tempt you with meats still skewered to leave the juices intact. Use your thongs to hold the meat as it’s being carved. The servers know to ask how you like your meat and will carve it from the correct side. I always ask for medium rare so that it’s still moist. (6) Parmesan Cheese Wheel !! It’s such a treat to get parmesan cheese direct from the wheel. It’s nibble sizes. Delicious !! (7) The green side of the token which tells the servers to Bring the Meat on !!

What I liked:

Most of the cuts are sirloin, but the meats had been marinated with different rubs. The taste of the top sirloin is distinct from the bottom sirloin. And, the salad bar is fantastic !!

What I didn’t liked:

Not all the cuts are popular so some meats like the lamb will be sitting on the skewers for a while. These meats tend to be still cooking as the servers wait for the next customer who wants a slice. For someone like me, I don’t like my meats medium or well done.


During Restaurant Week, at $35/pp, it’s a good deal. However, at regular prices, I’ll go to Capital Grille next door for a medium rare prime rib.
Photos taken using an iPhone 4.
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