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Brunch @ The Meatball Shop, NYC


Meatball Shop, NYC

How to navigate brunch at The Meatball Shop?

The popular LES eatery has an approximately 40 minute wait. So, this was what 2 friends did. The early riser friend immediately heads to the Lower East Side at 10 am to wait for a table. The late riser friend gets a call every 20 mins from 9:30 am to get up and start heading out. At around 11:30 am, we got our table and toasted her upcoming wedding with a pitcher of sangria.
The seating at The Meatball shop is communal. It’s so rustic and fun. And, you can order the meatballs any way you want. I ordered mine spicy with the classic tomato sauce. The order comes with a side of Focaccia Bread.

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