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Snack @ JG Domestic, Philadelphia


A work trip to Minnesota had taken it’s toll and I needed a respite. Since I took the train from the airport back to center city, I decided to explore the sleek modern space at 2929 Arch Street next to the Philadelphia Amtrak Station before going back to my apartment.

Wonderful Discovery:

I discovered a wonderful lobby space which houses JG Domestic, a Jose Garces restaurant. There was a curious item on the menu called Hudson Valley Potted Duck and decided to try it. It was so buttery and delicious. And, was better tasting the next day when the flavors had all blended together. [Yes, I’m not embarrassed to have food wrapped if I can’t finish it. It’s a shame to waste it.]

Duck Fat Fries:

If you are feeling adventurous, try the duck fat fries. It’s crispy and soft on the inside. Then, shock your palate with a sip of ice cold diet coke. It’s the best non-alcoholic picker upper after a long flight.

JG Domestic on Urbanspoon

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