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Lunch @ Le Bec-Fin, Philadelphia


Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia

I’m celebrating my 11th month in Philadelphia with an AMEX gift card I got from work for a job well done. Since I’ve been craving for sweets, I decided to indulge at Le Bec-Fin which has a famous dessert cart.

The main dining area was beautifully decorated with multiple chandeliers but I was a bit disappointed on how stuffy the place was. Within the first two minutes I wanted to walk out because I’m not spending my hard earned gift card on a place I didn’t like. What stopped me was a friendly smile from the head server who asked if I wanted champagne to celebrate then explained the menu to me in detail. I wasn’t embarrassed to confirm that the 5 course menu was priced at $55/pp and he answered with a smile. I decided to take a chance.

5 Course Menu


Escargots Cassolette
Hazelnut, Champagne & Garlic Butter
Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia
 Dry Boat Scallops
Hazelnut, Champagne & Garlic Butter
Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia
Mushroom Cappuccino
Wild Mushroom Veloute, Steamed Milk and White Pepper Garlic
Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia
Honey Roasted Arctic Char
Rosemary, Caramelized Turnips, Pickled Shallots and Pecan, Jus de Poulet
Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia

Dessert Sampler
Le Bec Fin, Philadelphia

Overall: The offerings looked deceivingly simple but the flavors were rich, complex and sophisticated.  Moreover, the ingredients were of the finest quality. 

The mushroom cappuccino was the best.  It was served hot not just warm.  The intensity of the mushroom flavor punched your palate with earthly and sweet notes.  The lingering heat after every sip was comforting on a cold windy afternoon. 

The standard dessert sampler for the prix fixe menu is three regular-sized dessert slices. However, if you want to taste every single dessert, just ask for small slices of each. The dessert person will be happy to oblige.

I will definitely go back to celebrate the next milestone in my career in Philadelphia but will choose to dine at Tryst Lounge. No worries, I won’t be stuck with bar food. I can choose to order from the main dining room menu. What’s great about Le Bec-Fin, the staff aim to please.
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