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Dinner @ Izakaya Ten, NYC


Since October is my dad’s birthday month, I decided to schedule a day of father-daughter bonding. I decided it’s going to be a Japanese themed Saturday. My dad and I first attended the Japanese Food show at the Metropolitan Pavillon where we indulged in different types of delicacies. Then, it was off to the Chelsea area to one of my favorite Izakaya. I haven’t been back since friends had celebrated back to back birthdays last year. What makes me keep coming back to Izakaya Ten? Aside from having one of the best restaurant exterior design in the city, the food is first rate. It’s like being in Tokyo without the need to endure the long flight over.

My Picks:

1. Kara Age

This ginger flavored deep fried chicken dish is so addicting.

2. Chirashi

What makes this Chirashi so special is the small ball of sashimi bits mixed in japanese mayo. It gives the dish a tangy kick. And, don’t forget to indulge in the shiso leaf. It’s not just a decorative element but it’s also edible. The leaf is fragrant and has a minty taste. If you don’t want to eat the leaf solo, wrap it around a sashimi slice. You’ll experience a burst of freshness explode in your mouth. Try it !!

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