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Dinner in NYC @ Red Egg


My parents love Cantonese Cuisine but have to endure dingy Chinatown restaurants to get the real deal. My mom would always order 2 glasses of hot tea on the side. The first one was used to soak our chopsticks and forks in. While the second one – she’ll pour an ounce of hot tea on each of our plates and teacups and will wipe them clean with napkins. It just might be an OCD thing. But, it’s better to be safe that sorry.

I’ve been to Red Egg several times before but when I got hold of a groupon deal – It was time to treat my parents. We went last Saturday. This is a testament to how good Red Egg is – My mom did not go OCD on the flatware. And, my dad who is from China and hates anything fusion had no food complains.

Note: Red Egg had morphed from a Chinese-Peruvian cuisine to a completely Cantonese cuisine restaurant.

Located in the outskirt of what you might consider restaurant row in Manhattan Chinatown, Red Egg provides good authentic cantonese cooking at a reasonable price while providing first rate service.

Here’s why you should go try the place:

  • Dimsum Service is relaxed and stress free – At Red Egg, dimsum is ordered by filling out a dimsum order slip which is passed on to your server. After 15 minutes, your dimsum baskets arrive at your table pipping hot.
  • The Flavor is authentic Cantonese cooking – I have grown up craving for that stir-fry wok taste. It’s that yummy pan fried taste which can only be produced from cooking in extreme high heat by a master chef. This is the umami that you should be looking for.
  • Fresh Ingredients – you can see and taste that all the ingredients are of good quality and were prepared with care.
  • The place is clean.


  1. They serve dimsum during Lunch and Dinner.
  2. They have a dessert menu. Highly recommended – coconut pudding served in the shell. It’s like almond jelly but better.


  • They will charge you $1/person for bottomless hot tea. Chinatown restaurants usually provide free hot tea.  I’ll overlook this because Red Egg has become my go to quick eats Chinatown restaurant.

Must Try Dimsum Offerings:

Red Egg Puff: this sweet and salty treat is made with red bean paste and roast pork. This tranported me to Hong Kong with its delicate puff pasty and savory goodness.
Shrimp Stuffed Tofu: the tofu is so soft and delicate.
Veal Chops with Black Pepper Sauce: freshly crushed pepper on veal. Delicious !!

Must try Appetizer:

Lettuce Wrap with Minced Chicken with Hoisin sauce.

All-Time Favorites:

Diced Chicken with Cashew Nut: Good Twist, the garlic sauce is light and subtle. Most restaurants serve the garlic sauce all gooey with too much cornstarch.
Peking Style Pork Chops: The best I’ve ever tasted !!

Must try Dessert:

Coconut Pudding in the shell.

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