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After Work @ Chinatown Brasserie, NYC


Chinatown Brasserie is my go to place for a indulgent after work snack. If I’m in downtown Manhattan and I know it’s going to be a long night with a late supper, I’ll order a few small plates at the bar. It’s a quick way to energize yourself for the night ahead.

My Favorites:


1. Shrimp Dumpling

– I highly recommend the ginger slices in between bites. It has a pick me up brightness that wakes you up.


2. Turnip Cake with Ham and XO sauce

– Chinatown Brasserie serves this with dried scallop flakes on the side. You have to sprinkle them on top of the turnip cakes. The flakes has a subtle salty taste which takes this dish up a notch.


3. Lamb Dumpling

– this dish is so succulent and moist. Dip the dumplings in the sweet soy scallion sauce to bring out the pan fried umami flavor.

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