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NYCWFF: Sushi Making with Masaharu Morimoto 2009


CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: (1) Front Door of Morimoto Restaurant with the NYC Wine and Food Festival signage. (2) Masaharu Morimoto doing a demo on the different types of fish. (3 and 4) Participants rolling sushi in the restaurant’s dining area.

It was such fun spending the afternoon with Iron Chef Masaharu Morimoto at his flagship restaurant, Morimoto in the Meatpacking District. The Iron Chef was funny and entertaining while taking questions from the audience during the sushi rolling demo. The Iron Chef with his sous chef discussed the various fishes used in sushi making and how the fishes were sliced properly. After which, the group was asked to take their seats in the main dining room or at the sushi bar while the restaurant staff brought out sushi rice and enormous cuts of fresh tuna, yellow tail and salmon for the hands on portion of the class.

Several sous chefs then took their places in various sections of the main dining room. Each sous chef lead a small group and prodded each attendee to grab a hand full of sushi rice to spread over the nori sheet in front of them. As time progressed, the attendees became more confident rolling sushi as they practiced piling cuts of tuna, yellow tail and salmon on top of scallions, sauce, ginger and rolling them with different levels of success.

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