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NYCWFF: Meatball Madness 2009 hosted by Giada de Laurentiis


The 1st ever Meatball Madness was off to a great start as ticket holders eagerly waited in line to start the tasting. When the doors opened, everyone burst in to partake in the feast. My first taste was at Anne Burrell’s station. Anne’s sous chef claimed their meatball was the best of the bunch. Well, after tasting a whole bunch of meatballs, I think it’s one of the best – moist and buttery. My next stop was at Mama DiSpirito as I spied Rocco helping out. Hmm … delicious but a bit dry. Then, I saw Giada visiting tables and tasting meatballs with Lee Schrager. I had to follow them. It was a marvelous journey of meatball after meatball.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Event host and Celebrity Chef, Giada De Laurentiis. (2) Event Judges, Gail Simmons, Frank Bruni and Jeffrey Steingarten. (3) Mama DiSpirito and Rocco DiSpirito. (4) The Allen Brothers of Pat La Frieda, Giada De Laurentiis and Meatball Madness Winner, Andrew Carmellini from Locanda Verde.

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP: (1) Judges Table with Frank Bruni, Jeffrey Steingarten and Gail Simmons. Meatball after meatball were brought to the judges by the event servers. (2) Giada’s meatball from GDL Foods. Orechiette with Mini Chicken Meatball. (3) The WINNER !! Andrew Carmellini from Locanda Verde. Lamb Sliders.

My Favorite Meatballs:

CLOCKWISE FROM TOP LEFT: (1) Stephen Kalt, chef of Fornelletto Cucina. Very Tasty – Duck meatball, foie gras jus with iceberg lettuce. (2) Anne Burell of Food Network’s ‘Secrets of a Restaurant Chef’ classic meatball in red gravy was very buttery. (3) Alex Guarneschelli of Food Network’s ‘Alex’s Day Off’ and ’The Cooking Loft’, cheesy mini-lamb meatballs on a mini-pizza. (4) Michael Lomonaco, chef of Porterhouse New York. Very Hearty – polpetine sicilican con ragu alla mama.

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